The Fontana Aerial Photo Collection

The Fontana area is in western San Bernardino County, California, United States. This area is west of the City of San Bernardino and east of the Chino area. Most of the area of Fontana is built atop a geologically young, gently southward-sloping alluvial fan from nearby Lytle Creek.

The Fontana area is part of the Santa Ana Watershed. Most of the pictures contain metadata further describing the images. Detailed analysis of the pictures or reproductions can be arranged through the CSUSB WRI at (909) 537-7683. If you are in need of accommodation for a disability in order to view or understand the following images, please contact the CSUSB WRI for assistance.

The WRI is an outreach partnership between CSUSB and the Southern California communities we serve, driven by the vision that sustaining water resources rests on sound research, analysis and public policy collaboration. The Historical Aerial Photo Collection is comprised of images of Southern California beginning in the 1920's. The geographic areas include much of Southern California from deserts to the Pacific Ocean. The images in these flights are from the Joseph Andrew Rowe Water Resources Archives and represent various collections that are held by the Archives.


1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-022 13

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-023 14

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-024 15

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-025 16

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-026 17

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-027 18

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-028 19

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-029 20

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-030 21

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-031 22

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-032 23

1930SanBern.WestEndC-829-033 24